The Sweet´n Fun brand as a guarantee of quality and uniqueness

OUR Sweet´n Fun BRANDS

The Sweet´n Fun brand has its own product lines that are tailored to a wide range of target groups and their interests. Brands such as DINO, Sour Busters, Splash Candy or Snack & Fun. This is just a selection of the most successful ones.

Sour Busters Sweet´n Fun


Popular extra sour taste

Sweet´n Fun SOUR BUSTERS product line brings sourness lovers different types of products - chewing gum, lollipops, sprays and slimes, popping candy, cotton candy and much more.

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Dino Sweet´n Fun


Candy-toy not only for boy

Sweet´n Fun DINO - favourite brand for curious children. Engage them with a toy that not only provides hours of fun, but also piques their curiosity. And a small portion of sweets is just an added benefit.

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Splash Candy Sweet´n Fun


Cool & Crazy!

Crazy and joy! This is the new product line Sweet´n Fun SPLASH CANDY. Crazy shapes, tongue-painting or extra sour effect - everything kids like! Chew bars, sprays, chewing gums and much more.

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Snack and Fun Sweet´n Fun


Popular fast-food candies

The popular Sweet´n Fun SNACK & FUN product line. Especially in recent years, sweets in the form of hamburgers, hot dogs or pizza have gained popularity. Chewing gum, jelly and chewy sticks.

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Focused on quality

Our confectionery is made from high quality ingredients that guarantee a tasty and satisfying treat for confectionery lovers of all ages. The Sweet'n Fun brand is a mark of quality.

Innovative product range

Sweet´n Fun is a brand for a wide range of candy toys, sweets, lollipops, chewing gum, licorice, sour powders, jellies, confectionery, beverages and snacks.

Different target groups

Sweet´n Fun covers a whole portfolio of brands that are carefully prepared for several types of target groups - these vary according to age, gender and interests.

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